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Waterway Precautions

Procedures to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species while boating pdf (Click Here).
Horseshoe Pond Deer River Flow: Flow Milfoil Distribution

Distribution of milfoil map (Click Here).

The Horseshoe Pond/Deer River Flow Association was formed in the 1980s by property owners and concerned friends of these waters to establish a forum for addressing issues related to the health of the lakes, and to furthering enjoyment of these waters. The organization has grown throughout the years, and has provided a unified voice to address various concerns. The HP/DRF Association exists to preserve and enhance the quality of life on the Pond and Flow. The aquatic environment supports a great diversity of wildlife in its water, along its shorelines, and in its priceless wetland habitats.

Horseshoe Pond and the Deer River Flow are resources that we seek to pass on to future generations in a self-sustaining and healthy state. 

What is Eurasian water milfoil?

Milfoil is an aggressive, non-native water weed that chokes out native plants and can become so dense it restricts boating, fishing and swimming. It was accidentally introduced from Eurasia, probably in the 1940s.

How does milfoil spread?

Milfoil propagates and spreads primarily by stem fragmentation and is dispersed rapidly by natural water currents or by boating activities. When people transport their boats or fishing equipment from lake to lake they can accidentally transport milfoil.

Is there any way to get rid of milfoil?

Once milfoil becomes established in a water body, it is difficult to control and impossible to eradicate.

Management methods that HP/DRF Association has selected are hand harvesting and laying down benthic (light impermeable) mats. We have found these methods to be much less controversial and more eco-friendly than some others.

Our lakes are a priceless and fragile natural resource, providing habitat for wildlife and fisheries, as well as a place for our pleasure and recreation.